Where the Money Goes

The money we raise goes to various charities that each enhance the Down syndrome community in different ways.

Currently, we have targeted the following “buckets” to support:


With little financial support from the National Institute of Health, it is necessary to support those organizations committed to research various medical, cognitive, and physical issues of people with DS.  Many organizations have committed themselves to this area, and we will work hard to find those most in need of support and attempt to provide as much as possible.


Many children with DS are left for adoption, both nationally and overseas.  Many of these children will end up in institutions, and lose the high quality of life where they would have the strongest chance to thrive.


Organizations committed to fostering a child or adult with Down syndrome’s physical abilities, sense of purpose, teamwork, and desire to challenge themselves.

Local DS Organizations

One of the most important pieces to the DS community, these organizations provide emotional and financial support, education, and increase awareness to our immediate communities.


Those organizations educating and lobbying our local, state, and national legislatures to bring about the changes needed to improve the lives of those with DS.


Organizations that promote those with DS in the most positive ways and teach others about their abilities, values, and joy they bring to so many people. Here are some of the amazing organizations we have had the honor to donate to since our inception: Reece’s Rainbow, Special Olympics, Global DS Foundation, The Up Side of Downs, Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles, Down Syndrome in Arts and Media, National DS Congress, International DS Coalition, DS Achieves, Lumind, Buddy Up Tennis, National Down Syndrome Society