Project Spotlight is a program started in the beginning of 2017, which teaches improvisation and stand-up comedy to individuals with Down syndrome.

Our goal is to build communication, public speaking, presenting, and quick-thinking skills that will expand social and workplace opportunities for each individual.


Our improv ninja workshops are designed to teach the individuals how to think quickly on their feet, work within a group, be creative, and communicate effectively to large groups or audiences. Each workshop is designed to challenge the skillset of each individual regardless of their disability stages.  We believe improvisation can be effective for all adults with Down syndrome and the workshops are designed with that thinking in mind. 

We will be developing and honing the improv techniques, drills, and games that work best for those with Down syndrome so that they can learn and succeed in the best possible way.  There are three levels an improviser can achieve - RED BELT(Beginner), BROWN BELT(Intermediate), BLACK BELT(Advanced). 


We want those with Down syndrome to be able to speak to groups and large audiences with ease, confidence, and humor.  Yes, we would love to coach the first comedian with DS, but more importantly, we would like to use the skills achieved through learning stand-up comedy to make a speaker with DS more comfortable on stage, and build the confidence necessary to be on that stage. 

We will work with each individuals abilities to find the best ways they can express themselves.  Our team will utilize techniques from comics as well as trained speech therapists to help build these skills. 

Currently, we are focusing on the Improv Ninja Workshops, but will be beginning stand-up comedy classes soon.



Our goal is to create the playbook for both teaching improvisation and stand-up comedy, then work with various Down syndrome organizations nationally to expand our ability to teach the programs. This will entail training trainers in different states that adopt the program.  We will also be hosting one to several retreats and seminars to gain several days of training and knowledge on improvisation and stand-up comedy.

Please check back soon for our updated schedule of classes and locations.

Click below for a video of our first workshop!