Final Pics of 2014

Pics of our final Comedy In The Cellar Event and our GiGi's Playhouse fundraiser.

A good beer after a great show
Tom Schneider reciting a song in sign
Stand Up For GiGi's Show
Comic Darrell Dawson killing it at Comedy In The Cellar
Rob and Ellen with Headliner Jeff Blanchard
Ellen at the J.Crew Beachwood Ohio fundraiser.  Funny how she was quick to volunteer heading up this event.
Rob with the Team Tom Schneider Crew - Rita, Tom and Teri.
Tom had to get a hug with Ellen.
Tom Schneider and Henry.
Our son, Charlie, doing stand up comedy at the Team Tom Schneider Fundraiser.
The GiGi's Cleveland crew - Megan, Missy, and Lanee
Rob doing his "We Need A Sign" show at the GiGi's Cleveland fundraiser.
Rob and all the GiGi's crew