The LowDown Podcast

The Stand Up For Downs LowDown is a podcast where Rob Snow interviews the biggest names in the Down syndrome and Disability communities.  We also interview many of the entertainers, comics, and unique individuals who are supporting our cause or making news around the issues our fans and followers care most about. 

We have had such a great time learning about these people, their organizations, and getting their insights.  The LowDown provides lots of education, awareness, and a ton of laughs along the way.  Be sure to listen to the end of each podcast to hear about "the dinner guests".

The best way to listen to the podcast is to subscribe to iTunes, and download it to your MP3 device. This way you will each new podcast will pop up on your list immediately.  AND IT'S ALL FREE!  With podcasts you can listen anywhere you take your MP3 device. (Our favorite is the long car ride!) You can pause, rewind, forward, and pick up anywhere you left off.

iTunes Directions:

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  2. Search for "Stand Up For Downs LowDown", then SUBSCRIBE.
  3. The LowDown will automatically appear on your PODCAST App every time a new LowDown is aired.
  4. Listen and enjoy!

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